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About OPEN

The world of patient participation

OPEN was founded by Ramona Kanters

After having gained a lot of experience in healthcare for years, she came in touch with patient participation by coincidence and saw that there is still a lot to be gained on this area.

Unfortunately there are still people who underestimate patient involvement or look at it with a limited view. OPEN is specialized in shaping patient participation in such a way, so that all parties involved can profit from it. According to us, this is the only way to give patient participation a well-deserved place in the healthcare chain.

All our clients recognise the importance of patient participation. By utilizing the trinity: patients, physician/researcher and the pharma industry, problems and shortcomings will be mapped out so improvements can be made accordingly and for the benefit of all parties involved, for now and for the future.

trinity [80924]

Our strength

Patient participation is thé tool for healthcare improvement.

We acquire patients diagnosed with all kinds of diseases and illnesses.

Patients are carefully screened.

Patients will be carefully screened and selected by using tailored selection criteria and target audience profiles.

OPEN is in close contact with patient organisations.
Constructive answers on existing and yet unanswered questions.
OPEN brings the perception and experience of the patients to the surface.

The patient will move from the side-line to the centre of the action and will therefore actively contribute to the improvement of patientcare. This will have a very positive effect on the course of the illness.

By reading, listening and sensing OPEN enters into the patients world.

The expertise lies in the translation of information obtained from elected patients to the client. And by this providing insight in the concerned patient population.


Membership of MOA

Center for Information Based Decision Making & Marketing Research

The name says it all…. OPEN is open to all kind of suggestions for the improvement of patientcare.

So, if you have a question, please contact us. Together we will be able to bring your query to a succesfull conclusion.

Let’s participate!